No one is supposed to even jokingly mention of a sports person who goes through depression and leaves a tour mid way. Just like no one is expected to write disparaging obits. Just like broadcasters are not supposed to let viewers hear when a captain says to the opposite # 11 that he better get ready for a broken arm. Just like no one is supposed to question the political opprtunism in giving the nation’s highest award to a massively venerated sportsperson on the eve of his retirement. Just like no one can question Suresh Raina’s place in the team. Actually the last one is palpably untrue but just wanted to wake the reader out of his/her slumber.

David Warner comes across as a person with an IQ in low double digits and with the perceptiveness of a bull in a china shop. But he surely used the entire backlog of his mental capacity by the one inspired comment he made when talked about Jonathan Trott at the press conference┬ápost day 3 of the 1st Test Match at the Gabba. If only he had used the word ‘mental disintegration’ it would almost compare to an Obama-like eloquence, but that would mean that he would have to wait till the age of 60 and most of us would be dead by then.

Because on a day that Trott was flying back home there were articles about Australian ex-cricketers urging not to reign in the team’s aggression. On a day when a lot of articles are being written about how sportspeople do not need to be Macho and how Trescothick was the pioneer in showing way to others of his ilk undergoing depression there are articles about how the Aussies were not crossing the line with their ‘banter’. The same Aussies who were mouses in India. The same Bailey who said he didn’t like sledging or some such on the India ODI tour? The same Watson who was complaining when Shikhar Dhawan imitated his injury on the field? Such boorish behaviour has to be stamped out of the game.

Was Mitchell Johnson’s bowling one of the last stress straws on the camel’s back? And if that is the case was Warner’s comment THE last straw? So wasn’t Warner crossing the line? Most probably he wasn’t. Trott’s returning may have had completely different reasons and there is no shame in going off if you think you can’t contribute to your team’s performance. The only objection there being isn’t it an easy way out by terming it as ‘stress related illness’? That word will always generate compassion from all politically correct majority. Is there any reason why the tour withdrawals have happened to England players only? And if there is then it brings us to the final point.

Given that the English dressing room has more support staff than the actual players themselves doesn’t it have a psychologist? And if there is such a professional in the team what has he been doing? Especially given the fact that such incidents have already occurred twice in the past few years isn’t the ECB looking out for any such preliminary signs and educating players about such issues? And why did they take Trott on the tour? So either the ECB has to be blamed for hiring incompetent psychologists or Warner like selectors who insist on selecting a player who has been identified as having some issue.

I do feel sympathy for Trott. Twitter has always had #Trott’sfault as a popular hash tag. But this time it wasn’t.

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