Gardish mein Taare

I had the misfortune of going and watching a play called “Gardish mein Taare” a couple of days back. I sat, sat and sat, hoping for something to happen. Sonali Kulkarni kept on singing in her screeching voice. Arif Zakeria acted worse than Aamir Khan. The dialogues were worse than Comedy Circus. Where do I start?

Supposedly taken off on Guru Dutt’s life, this play starts with Dev Dutt producing a BIG movie which is destined to flop. The Play then gets into how he beats up his wife, how she becomes a drunkard and cheats on him with his ‘supposed’ friend Vikram (Ludhianwi) when he is going around with another actress (Wahida).

The sets are gross. The acting amateur at BEST. The singing is what you hear in your own bathrooms. If this is a play that you ever produced, you will take a deep breath, say, ‘never again’ and try and forget the worst nightmare in your life.

I have been scarred for life. Do you want to be as well?


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